Friday, November 30, 2012

SLO much fun!

We met with our principal today to figure how to meet the states expectations for writing Student Learning Objectives (SLOs) based on tests that are beyond the skills of our students. Fortunately, our principal (and district, in my opinion) realize the reality of an actual classroom, specifically a self contained special education classroom. They listen when we tell them that the regional pre-assessments are not a true picture of what our students are capable of doing. There is no test to show the growth our students have made, from struggling to sit and attend for more than 2 or 3 minutes to being able to join a general education classroom and participate for 30 minutes or more without disruption. This is HUGE growth for these students but cannot be measured by any standardized assessment. As it stands however, we must try to fit our students into this given box and show rigorous growth according their standards, meaning only academic skills. I know my students will improve and I know that I will do all I can to get them to reach their goals (and the ones I set for them!) but it won't be because NYS says I have to write it all down and prove it, it will be because it is my job and I love it!

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