Friday, November 9, 2012

BUILDing Math Skills

We spent some time this fall trying to figure out the best way to meet the extremely diverse math needs of our class this year. I LOVE pinterest so that was my first place to research some new ideas. We came across this blog with the BUILD math centers from the Daily Five program. We used that idea and adapted it to fit our classroom. This is what we came up with. We use name tags to move the students through each center. They only work at one station per day which makes it much easier to manage. While the students are working, I can pull 3 math groups to work on specific skills. (DM)


  1. I have started using this in my classroom as well! I am wondering what types of activities you put in each of the bins and how you decide on what students to pull for a math group? Is it based on ability grouping?

  2. Hi Karen- Sorry to have missed this question. The activities varied from week to week and unit to unit. However, we always tried to keep them simple enough to remain independent stations. This allowed for us to move around and check in with each group. We are also a multi-age classroom so we would pair the students so one of the students might be a mentor for the other during the activity. In a larger group, I would also use a mixed ability group so the students can learn from each other. This is where we were able to use a lot of our math "games" such as file folders, dice activities, puzzles, books, etc.. that our curriculum did not necessarily allow time for.