Monday, October 15, 2012

Fear and Blogging....

I can't (and won't) speak for Kristin on this one, but there is something a little terrifying about blogging for me. I am so passionate about teaching that is feels very personal to share it all. I am always hitting the internet for new ideas and I've wanted to find a way to share my ideas, lessons, etc..but there is a little fear in it for me. For instance, I have yet to share this blog on my own facebook page, the one place where all the people that care for and support me are located.

A couple years ago, I took this great writing workshop. It was a really neat experience that was not as much about teaching writing as it was about writing, finding inspiration and creating interesting experiences for our students. I have never felt so vulnerable when participating in professional development. This helped me realize how my students may be feeling when I ask them to write and share. It feels like a huge risk to perform when I am unsure how the audience will respond especially when it is something I feel so passionate about. I have to keep that in mind when I'm working with my students who lack confidence and find ways to build their confidence.


  1. Fear and Blogging... yes! I can without a doubt say that I had/have very similar feelings. So much that I have actually written at least 4 posts and have deleted each one! It is so odd to me to feel like this because I am not flustered at all by people in my classroom or observing a lesson. People are in and out of our classroom all the time. Blogging however feels very personal to me, like you get a secret view into why I am doing what I am doing not just how I did it. I tend to be a very private person, so for me to get on here and talk about why I am doing what I am doing and how I came up with this idea or if something was an epic failure all makes me feel very exposed. I promised Darcy that I would post though (one of the many benefits of having a co-teacher, they push you... in a good way) so I will make an honest attempt!

  2. yeah but DM you forgot about your very stalkery and somewhat good on the internet cousin and tada I found you!!!! Actually I should say pinned you!!!! Was following your math BUILD pin back to source and's you!! Awesome!!!!! It looks great and I'm proud of you and Kristin!!!

  3. Thanks Christine!! I'm impressed at your skills. Now share us with your friends :)