Saturday, March 2, 2013

My neglected blog, 100 days, Valentines, Phew...

February was a busy, busy month!!

I hate to share too much personal stuff, but I just bought a new house and it sure has kept me busy. What a crazy process that has become over the past few years, but I love my new space!

February always seems to fly by with our winter recess in the middle. We celebrated 100 days, Valentine's Day, learned about dental health and studied George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

We had the students work with the number 100 in so many different ways. They each brought in 100 items to share; we counted by 1's, 5's and 10's to 100; we did 100 exercises throughout the day

The kids had a great time creating special Valentine's for their loved ones. Valentine's day is always a great time to remind everyone how much they are cared for and mean to us. Hope everyone had a great day!

With all that candy we had to work with our class on brushing their teeth. We took a few minutes every day after lunch for the kids to practice brushing their teeth. We were able to get toothbrushes and toothpaste donated by a local dentist and sent them home with the kids at the end of the month. They really learned how easy and quick it can be to brush your teeth.

We will be attempting to teach a pilot unit from the Core Knowledge curriculum this coming week. Hopefully. We planned to do this past week but our SMART board projector broke. The part of the curriculum we are trying out is the Listening and Learning section. It is completely dependent on an interactive whiteboard. This makes me nervous for implementing this curriculum in the fall. We will be dedicating 180 minutes of our school day to it. What will we do if our technology fails us, like it is right now.

Check back for updates on how it goes! I've heard good things and am excited to see how my students do with the "new" instructional style.

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